A highly original concept: the tiniest concert hall in the world!

Pigeon in a fairytale musical showcase. You see a dovecote, you hear Pigeon’s piano stories, but when you pop in, you enter ‘the tiniest concert hall in the world’. There Katrien Verfaillie performs her own compositions in front of an audience of spruced up little doves and for the beautiful eyes of the spectators.

You can find this small dovecote on every street, on every square in the world … almost inconspicuous … and no one suspects that inside it there is the wonderful beauty of a real opera setting.

Teary eyes, disbelief, speechlessness and blissful smiles … are the most common reactions. Some continue to watch and listen for minutes on end.

The designer and realiser of this viewing box is the artist Bart Leenhouwers. Belgian fashion designer Jana Roos took care of the impressive costumes and dressing up the pigeons inside the dovecote. The project came about thanks to the support of the City of Ghent, AKG and a lot of fans/crowd funders … for which we are very grateful!

From …
the Laurent Square in Ghent
to St Mark’s Square in Venice.

The Dovecote in Watou

I see the enjoyment
in people’s eyes.

Katrien Verfaillie
+32 475 47 89 89